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Woe, how to mend a broken heart? There’s always the keep-yourself-busy option, or mope-until-the-depression-clears route, but that usually brings about the bitter-bum look. Well, it’s about time you ditch the frumpy clothes and unwashed hair when you’re sick with love-sadness; instead, don some chic while dealing with your heartbreak and wear Pianegonda’s “Lovesick Heart” bracelet. At number 5 on The Style Group’s Top 10 Bracelets List is this sterling silver chain link with sharply pointed heart that doubles as a dagger. I guess you could say it’s a heart for the sad and lonely, and a dagger for the angry? Hmm.....

$300 at David Orgell Beverly Hills
320 North Rodeo Drive
(310) 273-6660