I don’t know about you, but I am a huge fan of sunglasses that look almost like regular glasses with the clear lens that are tinted ever so slightly; just enough to hide those under eye circles from staying out too late at White Lotus the previous night. Fendi’s Aviator clear and rimless sunglasses are an updated version of those clear shades that Gucci and Dior popularized the boutiques with last year. Only this time, the shape is more simple and clean . . . no goggle-glasses (hel-lo I’m not going snowboarding) or bulgeoning bug eyes this spring (it totally scares my beau when I wear them). This year, it’s all about hiding our eyes from the sun, not hiding our face and those beautiful features we were blessed with! So toss out those gigantic eye-plates and scoop up these lovelies, who finish in tenth on The Style Group's Top 10 Women’s Sunglasses List.